About me

I am a Professor of Computer Science in the PPLV group of Department of Computer Science, University College London. In March 2022, I was awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Senior Research Fellowship.

PPLV webpage:

Contact: m.sadrzadeh@ucl.ac.uk

I work on logical and mathematical models of natural language, categorial grammars for syntax and compositional vector/tensor spaces for semantics, with the aid of machine learning and proof theoretic and algebraic methods. A recent successful application of my work has been to media recommendations.

My work on Compositional Distributional Semantics (DisCoCat) showed how vector semantics of natural language can be made compositional with the use of tensors and tensor contraction. My work on Frobenius algebras and substructural modalities showed how it can be extended to larger fragments of language containing relative clauses, parasitic gaps, quantifiers, and discourse phenomena.