Supervision and Teaching

Current Ph.D. Students in UCL:

  • Ian Lo Kin (from Quantum CDT, joint with Shane Mansfield, Quandela)
  • Hadi Wazni
  • Taner Cagali (EPSRC ICASE, supported by BBC R&D)
  • Daphne Wang (from Quantum CDT, joint with CQ)
  • Lachlan McPheat
  • Saba Nazir

Previous PhD Students, all graduated:

  • Gijs Wijnholds (QMUL, defended 2020)
  • Dmitrijs Milajevs (QMUL, defended 2017)
  • Dimitri Kartsaklis (defended 2013, Oxford, with Profs Coecke and Pulman)
  • Edward G refenstette (defended 2012, Oxford, with Profs Coecke and Pulman)
  • Pere Pardo (defended 2012, Barcelona, with Prof Godo)